Kain Na! A Filipino-American Cooking Show

We had a hard time finding cooking shows featuring Filipino food.  So, we made our own!

Recently, I got together with a few friends to make a media entertainment group called Awkward Hi 5.  Among the various programming we’re putting up, we came up with a Filipino-American cooking show – Kain Na!  In each episode, I’ll be cooking up some of my own interpretations of Filipino dishes with some friends gathered around the table, hungry and ready to eat.

In our first episode, we were lucky to have some special guests:

To find more stuff from our entertainment group, check out our socials on Youtube, Facebook.com/awkwardhi5, Instagram: @awkwardhi5.

On the menu is Ribeye Bisteksilog w/ Crispy Rice, and Halo-halo Snow.  I’d talk about the show more, but I’d hate to keep delaying you from watching such an awesome show.

Kain Na!


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